Company Picnics

Tips for Organizing Company Picnics & Office Holiday Parties

One of the best ways to spike the moral or your employees and to get your office staff working together as a unit is to plan a company party or an event. Parties are fun programs and can help the most disconnected groups of employees start working as a team. Building relationship among the people who are working for your is essential for business which wants to thrive. In this case, you can either hire the company which will organize the party, or you can do it yourself. Our event planning company has been in this business for the last two decades, and we can provide you some useful tips.

How does it work?

the-best-caterer-that-matchesWhen you are planning a party, the first thing you need to think about is the food and drink you will be serving. In this case, you need to hire a caterer company that will deliver everything. But, this service can be costly, especially if you are hosting a large number of people. In this case, you should set up a budget because it decides all the other factors. Compare the prices online and find the best caterer that matches your needs, they might even offer you a discount, if you are planning a corporate event.

Choose a date

You will want to select a range of dates the party of picnic could occur. You should take into consideration the weather conditions because you might need to reschedule. Clear the schedule of your employees on that specific day, so they can enjoy and have some fun, instead of thinking about the business.

Plan an entertainment

professional animatorsThis type of party should be carefree and not a formal event. You want your employees to feel comfortable and enjoy some time together. If you only provide drinks and food, the party may become tedious and they will leave soon. On the other hand, you should include music or some activities that will keep their attention. You want everyone circulating and having fun. Many business owners hire professional animators, which won’t be a wrong solution if you don’t have any other idea.

Set some ground rules

Even though this is an office party, it’s still a corporate event, and you shouldn’t be taken lightly. While HR shouldn’t be a factor, it’s best to be safe sooner rather than sorry later. Get some ground rules before the party takes the palace. For example, will there be alcoholic drinks, what type of clothes they should wear and how to behave? Once plan everything, kick back and wait for the big day to happen and we are sure your party will be a success.

The Best Boat Parties

The Best Boat Parties In NYC

After a long week in your NYC coworking space or executive suite, the best place to host a team building event or company party is of course a booze cruise. New York city has a lot of boat parties equipped with a full bar, great food, and music to keep you entertained through the entire voyage. As you may already know NYC doesn’t lack outdoor dining spots or rooftop bars but experiencing a boat party is another level of enjoyment. So, here are some recommendations and places you can check out.

Sunset Sail Happy Hour

Sunset Sail Happy HourIf you want to feel like a king or a queen of the universe, then hit the Sunset Sail Happy Hour and cruise along the Hudson River, while enjoying the views of breathtaking Manhattan. The boat party features live DJ music on all three decks. You will be treated with the Francis Coppola Diamond collection of wines, light bites and a temporary tattoo bar for the bravest ones. And the last, but not least, you will be on a boat the entire night. This gives you enough time to enjoy beautiful tunes and lovely company if you decide to bring someone with you.

Hot Latin Moonlight Cruise

There is only one more thing better than dancing in a nightclub and that’s strutting your stuff on a boat. You can bring your best Shakira moves and step on a four-level deck to spin your body on a moonlight. Spirit Cruises has partnered with the Latin Dance company, Piel Canela to provide a stunning mix of Bachata, Salsa, and Meringue hits to all people who visit Hot Latin Moonlight Cruise. Visitors have an opportunity to enjoy the delicious food and tasty cocktails which will give enough courage to hit the dance floor. This will be an excellent experience to leave some steam out.

Rock the Yacht! Cruise

Rock the Yacht! CruiseIf cruising the entire night is too adventurous for you, then you can party for three hours with the Hornblower Cruises. They organize parties Thursday through Saturday nights while providing the onboard buffet. You can try potato knishes and Italian cold cuts as you fuel up for an evening of dancing. The onboard DJs will ensure you have an excellent time, mixing favorite hits and throwbacks. Make sure to try the artisan cocktail at the premium open bar. The party starts at 9 pm.

Rocks Off Concert Cruises

During summer, the entire city of New York becomes one large concert stage, where all events take place in public parks and on street corners. But, Rocks Off Concert Cruises takes parting to another level, offering an open water concept. The local bands and cover bands are uncharged for music. With excellent food and heavy drinking, we are sure you will have a fantastic time.